Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dad by Paul Anthony

~   ~   ~
If only I could share a word,
To say how it all turned out.
If only he were with me,
We’d talk. I have no doubt.

Yet I only have the memory,
Of the man who walks with God.
Yet I feel his strength, his fire, his will.
I can even see him nod.

If only I could share a word,
With that man from a special breed.
If only he knew my story,
Lord, let these words, him read.

Yet I hold the crumbled photograph,
Of the man in khaki gear.
And I know somehow he’s with me.
Yes, beside me. Right here.


Phyllis Morneau WHEN YOU RETIRE .

By Phyllis Morneau

Every day is a holiday;
No longer needing to work;
Now you have time to play.

Time to watch movies with my hubby,
And play a very frustrating memory game;
Where we recognize an actor or actress,
But then can't remember his or her name!

Another daily frustrating memory game,
Where I frequently rush around to and fro;
Searching everywhere for my eye glasses,
Wondering, "Where in the world did they go"?

Having finally found my eye glasses,
Taking time to read is my heart's desire;
Reading the Bible and also inspirational books,
Helps to fan the flame in my soul into a holy fire.

No longer content with short and rushed prayer,
I now have the time to just sit still before the Lord;
Quiet, waiting,and  listening for His gentle whisper,
Then praising God that I am so beloved and adored.

There is also more time to spend with my husband,
With a good cup of coffee, we can just sit and talk;
Taking the time to focus and really listen to each other,
We, holding hands, go on our daily brisk 1-hour walk.

We also take time each day to do something by ourselves,
My husband loves to work outside - mowing, weeding, pruning;
While I love to work inside the home - cooking and also cleaning,
Then, taking time to express and share what's in my heart by writing.

Reflecting on the years that have gone by and how blessed I have been,
I now realize God's love was always pursuing me when I truly take a look;
His amazing and unconditional love for me and for my family and my friends,
I shared when I wrote "From My Heart to Yours: A Legacy of Love" - my book.

Recently, I wrote some Bible bedtime stories, poems, prayers, and songs,
To share with my precious grandchildren - that was the main reason;
Doing something significant is my goal rather than to be a success,
During my retirement years - a  wonderful, exciting, and joyful season!
My Review: 4 STARS

Phyllis’s talent in which shows her love for poetry and for God displays very heavy in her work throughout the book. I can see how her grandkids would enjoy reading her book before bedtime, special occasions or just because. It is written more for the youthful age of Bible Stories. I enjoyed some poems but for me this book would been better for someone who is a wanting more religious value than what I was expecting from this book. Her work displays great talent and I would recommend this book to someone who has a stronger Christian faith.