Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Interview with Candace Bowser

1.When did you decide to become a writer? 
 I decided I wanted to become a writer when I was in high school. I had several teachers they were very influential and encouraged me to continue writing but I wasn't actually able to do anything with many of the ideas that I had until much later in life.
2.Why do you write and what genres do you write and why do they appeal to you? 
Predominantly I write anything that happens to fall into the Paranormal category that can be anything from romance to Adventure to Fantasy or science-fiction as well as romance. My love of the Paranormal started at a very young age watching horror movies when I was very young with my dad on Friday nights and also because my family is very involved with their Heritage so stories about the fairies from Ireland and the likes of such really piqued my interest.
3. What made you decide to sit down and actually start something? 
 I am a really big reader and I think that influenced me wanting to write a great deal. I had lots of notes about things that I wanted to write too from the time that I was in high school moving forward but really never did anything with it until I turned 40 so I guess you could say I was a bit of a late bloomer.
4. Do you write full-time or part-time? 
I would love to say that I write full-time because I do write every single day but unfortunately writing is often not a job that pays the bills whenever you are first being established as an author, so I do work a full-time job and then I dedicate at least two hours every evening to writing.
5. Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured? 
I write whenever my muse takes over it's that simple.
6. Which writers inspire you?
 I adore Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde, and Washington Irving. I love the classics.
7. So, what have you written?
 The chronicle series Dark SeaTriad and Mere uprising, Miss Crabtree's School for Unnaturals, books one and two, Unchained which is due to release on February 14th and is up for pre-sale on Amazon, Coven Wives, Forsaken, the Collectors, Incandescent Embers,Dark Days, Essence of a Haunting Love and the Quintessential Gentleman under Hargrove Perth. Memoirs of an Immortal Life, the wolves of Dullahan Series,  13 Pieces Of Eight under Candace L Bowser before I had a pen name, and erotica under Angelique Darke, Forever Twilight and Hellcat.
8. Where can we buy or see them? 
Right now all my books are Amazon exclusives but as soon as that expires I will be putting them back out to Barnes & Nobles, Kobo and alike. 
9.  Is there anything else you would like to add to this interview. Please share! 
 I am actually putting together a review team so if anyone wants to message Candace Bowser on Facebook ( I have blond hair) or email me at paperlace.erotica@gmail.com they can sign up to be part of my review team and will get a free ebook every time a new ebook is released. They also can sign up through a Google link that is on Hargrove Perth's page on Facebook and that will get them subscribed to a quarterly email about upcoming releases and contests. I really love my fans and I like to give back to them so giving away ebooks 4 reviews is one of the ways that I like to let them know how much I care about them and nteract IMG with them is important to me so please if you have the chance follow me on Facebook please do so.
 Candace L. Bowser is an award winning author and a Top 100 Amazon Seller. She writes horror, paranormal, and paranormal romance. During the 1990's, she was a featured columnist with PRS and was voted one of the top 20 Most Prolific Authors of 2011 by AKG Magazine. Candace's books are an unusual blend of historical places and events blended with fictional characters and settings spanning the Ancient World to the Victorian Era. She also has a growing body of works under the pen name of Hargrove Perth and was named the 2014 Author of the Year by Double Decker Books in History/Horror. For more information, please take the opportunity to stop by the author's website at www.candacelbowser.com for additional offers, contests, and release information.

NetGalley Review Forgiving My Daughter’s Killer: A True Story of Loss, Faith and Unexpected Gr

Book Blurb

NetGalley Review Forgiving My Daughter’s Killer: A True Story of Loss, Faith and Unexpected Grace


Book Blurb

On March 28, 2010, Kate and Andy Grosmaire received two pieces of news that would change their lives forever.

The first was their worst nightmare: “Ann has been shot.”

And the second was the dumbfounding addendum: “Conor was the one who shot her.”

Their nineteen-year-old daughter had been killed by her boyfriend, a young man who had lived with the family and had come to feel like part of it.

In a beautiful, tragic testament to the liberating power of forgiveness, Kate Grosmaire tells the story of her daughter’s murder at the hand of her boyfriend—and the stunning, deliberate forgiveness and help that Kate and her husband offered to the young man who shattered their world.

Part memoir, part spiritual testimony, Forgiving My Daughter’s Killer is the story of a family whose faith was put to the test and so found the capacity to do far more than they could have thought or imagined.

Book Review  

I absolutely loved this book!!! My heart broke and ache with each page turning event. This is one journey that will stay with me forever. I felt the same pain as the mother, Kate did, for I also lost a child years ago. The loss of a child is so painful, but the grace that the parents, Kate & Andy show in their true story is just amazing and overwhelming with love for Conor, the killer.  As I read this journey of  Kate & Andy who learned to forgive their daughter’s killer I could not but think and question, even with God’s power if I could ever show has much compassion and love as they do in this story. This story holds so many lessons anyone could learn from. 

My Rating
5 Stars

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Book Review: The New Irish Table by Leslie Conron Carola

Ten award-winning chefs dismantle the stereotype of Irish cuisine being a boil, a fry, or soda bread. Highlighting fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients from provinces across the Emerald Isle, this beautiful, photo-illustrated collection offers inspirational Irish recipes.
An Irish meal must nourish the soul as well as the body, teasing each of the senses. Home cooks are invited into each featured chef's restaurant and/ or home to experience recipes that utilize fresh fish, lamb, beef, pork, fruits, and vegetables, and of course, Ireland's renowned cheeses.
Celebrating the new Irish food culture, this compilation emphasizes local resources, simple fare, and the highest standards, proving that Ireland is a modern food destination.

My Review:
 All around enjoyed this book! I loved the beautiful pictures of Ireland and learning about the chefs was really interesting too! The recipes sounded amazing, I really enjoy learning from this book since my heritage is Irish! 

My Rating:
5 Stars

Friday, January 27, 2017

Book Book: Where Angels Walk True Stories of Heavenly Visitors Description:

 We don't hear much about angels nowadays. When we do, they have often been secularized or commercialized. Instead of ministering angels who reveal God’s love and mercy, we hear about “angel investors” or we gobble up foil-wrapped chocolate angels at Christmas. But Joan Wester Anderson trusts that angels still walk among us.

On mountain slopes, on desolate rural highways, in airplane cockpits—these are just a few of the many places where ordinary people have felt the very real presence and power of God’s angels at work in their lives. In this twenty-fifth anniversary edition of her New York Times best-selling book Where Angels Walk, Joan Wester Anderson (the “Angel Lady”) offers dozens of reasons—stories, actually—for us to reconsider our rather limited view of angels. In addition to the original collection of angelic encounters, several new stories have been included.

Anderson, who holds traditional Christian beliefs about angels, was careful to select only those stories that had a ring of truth to them. But are they true? Do heavenly visitors really walk among us? Open this book—along with your heart—before you decide.

My Review:
 This book is so good! The stories are inspirational and filled with heart-touching subjects filled with grace. I am a believer of angels and I truly enjoyed this book by Joan. I would recommend this book to anyone. 

My Rating
5 star rating 

Friday, January 20, 2017

NetGalley Review: Your 3 Best Superpowers by Sonia Choquette

Book Blurb
This little book will help readers use meditation and tap into their superpowers, allowing them to take charge of their mind, their creative powers, and their inner guidance system. While most meditation books focus on gaining clarity, focus, efficiency, and easing stress, Your 3 Best Superpowers offers a unique way to learn about intuition and the self, from an esteemed spiritual teacher and visionary guide.
Includes a series of guided meditations

My Review  
I found this little book to be very helpful and interesting in many ways. I am a mother and grandmother who meditates on a regular basis. With the help of Sonia's little book helped bring peace and content to many areas of my life. However, I did not use the guided meditations for I have my own I use, but with the small excerpts of stories was very enjoyable. 
My Rating
4 Stars 

Book Review: Time For Me by Ruth Fishel

Book Review- Time For Me by Ruth Fishel
How often have you read a book that was life changing?  You know that if you practice what it suggests your life will be better, yet somehow you forget. You forget to meditate in the morning. You forget that three breaths calm you down. You forget all the lessons you learned.

Time for Me is different because it contains wisdom that really works. We have the ability to rewire and create new neural circuits in our brains, and the more we practice something new, the more we can form new neural pathways with each repetition.  In time, these new pathways become deeper than the ones made by our old habits and they become automatic. That means, if we were to practice all this week thoughts such as 'I am happy' or 'I am calm', we would be more apt to return to them when we feel otherwise.

The seeds of all human characteristics are within us—good and bad—the ones that grow are the ones we nurture, and that is why the wisdom in Time for Me is designed to be practiced every day. 

My Review:
 Helpful and insightful little read by Ruth! I enjoyed the time I spent working slowly through this book and would recommend it for anyone to read that needs a moment for them myself to rebuild their character. Thank you for letting me read this book!

My Rating:
5 stars

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Interview and Book Review with Author/Poet Jen Selinsky

Hi Jen, thank you for agreeing to this interview. 

Tell us a little about yourself and your background?
I’m originally from the Pittsburgh area, but I moved to southern Indiana in February 2005.  I have been writing since the age of twelve, but I didn’t really take it seriously until I was fifteen.  I have over 160 self-published books (mostly poetry).  I have one children’s book published through Pen It! Publications and have a second one on the way. 

Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?
Originally, I wanted each book to stand in its own, but I have started writing sequels to some of my novels and stories.  It will be a while until they are released, as they are still in their earliest forms, but I hope they will prove to be successful!

How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?
My first book, a collection of poems, was published in 2001.  I was still an undergraduate majoring in English.  The original name of the company was GreatUnpublished, (which has since changed to BookSurge, then CreateSpace).  I was very excited to have Opening the Doors published, as it was a gateway to my future material. 

What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?
I knew that language was very powerful from an early age.  Before I was interested in writing, I watched a lot of TV and could identify with the characters on my favorite shows.  Once I began writing, however, I learned that the powers of language are virtually unlimited!

How do you balance making demands on the reader with taking care of the reader?
It’s a very difficult balance, as is self-promotion.  Since I am now working part-time at my regular job, I find that these things are not quite as difficult.  Since most of my work is self-published, marketing is very important, but I also like to help other readers out by reading their books and posting reviews.

How do you select the names of your characters?
That can be a difficult process sometimes.  I started off using names which I like, but it eventually became a little more difficult than that.  After a certain point, I thought of names which seemed to fit my characters.
How long on average does it take you to write a book? 
That can vary.  I once finished one poetry book within a day and another within a few hours.  I could also start something and not pick it up until for a long time.  A prime example of this is my novella, Madness, which I started in 1995 and scarcely picked up until ten years later.  So, in essence, there is no real time frame for me.

Does your family support your career as a writer?
They are all very supportive, especially my mother who doesn’t even think twice about buying copies of each of my books.  I am very lucky, and I really appreciate all their support!

Book Review: Invisible Woman

 Book Blurb: 
 "Invisible Woman" is a fictional journal written from the perspective a woman whose identity is completely anonymous. Her observations, feelings, and thoughts are presented in this work, containing her introduction and forty-four entries.

My Review:
I truly enjoyed this short read of Jen's. I loved how she wrote it has a diary and how she describe the way the woman felt about life in general. It sure makes the reader, (as in I) stop and think about life and how precious it is. Even though this a quick read, I would for sure recommend any woman or man to read this short book. Her words touch the heart and helps make life a little sweeter! 

My Rating: 
5 Stars
A little info on Jen and where you can find her:
"Jen Selinsky was born in Pittsburgh, PA.  In 2003, she earned her bachelor's degree in English from Clarion University of Pennsylvania.  In 2004, she earned her master's degree in library science from the same school.  Jen has worked as a professional librarian for over eleven years.  She has published more than 160 books, many of which contain poetry.  Her work can be found on the following sites: Lulu, Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.  She has also been featured in publications such as: The Courier Journal, Explorer Magazine, Liphar Magazine, and Indiana Libraries.  Jen lives in Sellersburg, IN with her husband. Like Jen on Facebook at:"
(Author Bio from Amazon)