Monday, June 5, 2017

Echoic Poet: Erato Poetry

Please Welcome Echoic Poet Erato Poetry

Poet's Bio:

Erato Poetry is the vehicle for expressive word art, collage and music! The more obscure, angular, lyrical and emotive the better.


Peeling the plastic wrapping from appliances is strangely satisfying

the layers of skin, a neoteric girl
she was scared to stand below trees
her secrets, hidden like wooden swamps in night knife fights
she left the screen wrapping on her new ipad
circumstance littered belief that a new skin was terrifying
her road ahead was circular, frogs’ foreheads, smoother
than airport runways, though she knew
that people walk in justified squares
while twins all over the world cough as their twins smoke another
she is left feeling impending rain in her stomach and photo war coffins
the distance to preciousness is calculated
by a million chewing gum wrappers