Monday, May 8, 2017

Interview & Book Review with Author Leah Hamrick

Please Welcome Author Leah Hamrick

Q1. Tell us something interesting about yourself.
Well, I’m addicted to wildlife. I love anything that crawls and moves and makes noise… but, my favorite is the whole other world that is below the water surface...

Q2. What does “being creative” mean to you?

Being creative to me means to just do what you do best. Draw a stick tree if that’s all you got, LOL!

Q3. What are your greatest sources of inspiration?

Things that have happened in my real life. I love mixing that in with my writing.

Q4. Do you have any current or future projects?

Oh hell yeah. Tons. I am currently rewriting my five star novel, Frost on my Pillow, which is a New Adult Paranormal Romance. Then, after that, I have to finish the second book in the series, not to mention write all these short stories for my amazing publishers numerous anthologies!

Q5. If you could just feature one title, what would it be?

Frost on my Pillow… but sadly, it is not for sale now. I will be in a few weeks though, so hopefully y’all decide to check it out, and fall in love with it as many already have.

Q6. What is the relationship between your speaking voice and your written voice?

LOL! I just got asked this yesterday, I swear to everything that is holy. I see my speaking voice as how I write. How I write is in first person past tense… BUT, I do NOT have two POVs in a chapter. Let's say… like if I wrote “He said, leaning back onto the couch.” that is just solely what my character is seeing. There is NO TWO POVS in my work. It may seem that way, but that isn't how I write. If I want to POVs, I’ll just label another chapter and start with another person's POV.

Q7. What is the best advice you have for other authors? 

Don't let bad reviews get you down! They help sales, because it’s going to make others curious about why they feel that way, when the rest of the reviews are four to five stars. Sometimes, you will get someone jealous and they’ll mark all your books one star. I had it happen to me. But, just think of it this way. Are they really--after buying one of your books and hated it--going to go out and get another one?

No, I didn’t think so either.

Q8. Who is your favorite author? And why?

I love Jennifer Armentrout! Her writing is so amazing, and she knows how to add paranormal with romance and suspense and a mixture of different things that make me squeal. If anyone asked who I am inspired by as a writer, it would be her.


Three paranormal short stories. One sweet, one dark, one fun. Which one will be your favorite?
Love Caster: There is nothing greater than pure, sweet love, and that’s something Anna Bowden knows all about. While trying to get the courage to kiss her boyfriend Killian, she has to deal with her overbearing dad, who will stop at nothing to tear them apart.

In the Darkness: After Anna Bowden witnesses someone—or something—lurking in her backyard, it starts a chain of frightening events that leads to a gruesome discovery.

First Holiday: Featuring the characters from Frost On My Pillow—be prepared for a sweet, fun, wild ride. While Ethan gives Lyla—who has never celebrated Christmas before— the task of finding out the true meaning of the holiday, he surreptitiously tries to tell her how he really feels, but before that can occur, a lot of decorating and snowball fights has to happen!

Editorial Review: Spell Caster 3 stars

This was a fun, cute read of three paranormal stories all wrapped into one book. I am still trying to decide which one was my favorite. But Leah's characters were fun, exciting and captivating and the plot in all three stories held my attention well. With each having its own curious taste to them, it keeps the reader wanting more.