Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Echoic Poet Jennifer Patino

Please Welcome Poet Jennifer Patino 

Poet's Bio
Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Jennifer Patino has been writing poems and short stories since she was six years old. Her work has been featured in Enfuse Magazine, Garden Gnome Publications, and the March 2017 issue of FONT Magazine. When she isn't writing or editing, she enjoys reading, watching all kinds of movies and making the occasional collage or painting. She now lives in Las Vegas with her artist husband.


I thought of it candidly
I would flip through
my own experiences,
written in my own
medication-muddled script,
and my mind developed
and I saw myself
as someone else
and I couldn't wait
to fade to black
or I might not be
the same when
I came back

Through a round window
I saw looks of pity
on muted faces
and I was far away
from everything
in an enclosed
solitary confinement--

   (I put myself there
   to hear the quiet,
   and I had a sky-
   light's view of
   a lightning storm)

--room. That window
was not circular. It was
no larger than a mail-
slot but I can still see
the shaking hands
behind it.

I rewind it.
This movie, this can't be
me. I became obsessed with
going back to the beginning
again and again. And, dammit,
I still couldn't see that far ahead.

Not when I couldn't distinguish
between sleep, awake,
alive, or dead.
Pause please. Stop.
I've seen all I can
take. Fade to black.
Fade to blue. Fade to red.