Monday, May 29, 2017

Echoic Poet: Erato Poetry

Please Welcome Echoic Poet Erato Poetry

Poet's Bio:

Erato Poetry is the vehicle for expressive word art, collage and music! The more obscure, angular, lyrical and emotive the better.

Rain drops trapped in tumbleweeds
Tears manifest on coffee mug handles
Emotions reel off fishing rods pointed at empty seas
The man that stands on a mountain smoking ignorant hope from a pipe
Is the first to see social butterflies, social justice warriors and injustices mingle in the jungle
Open for business was her motto for the new year
A list of goals to kick with no defensive structure
Rain drops pooled like tears on her journal pages as the 28th leaped to the 1st
Why are you crying like that was her daughters first March words
 A broken hearted child is too young to hold a temple like that
What must he have been through, witnessed or possessed
A man in tweed smiles as a robbery turns sour
Currents move like electrical force, mocking blood clots and turning to strokes
Robot entities were not programmed to remove ticks and fleas from dogs
What must we do to ensure the small things remain big
A young teacher walks a corridor for the last time
A builder removes a rotting deck and ignores the rotting corpse
A listless chef stares at a judge’s wig, reminding him of his childhood sheep