Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Echoic Poet Blaque Diamond

Please Welcome Echoic Blaque Diamond

 Poet's Bio: 

Bianca Johnson who writes under the pen name Blaque Diamond, is a local Greensboro, NC resident. The author of His or Her Betrayal, she began writing at the age of 11. Her writing consists of poetry, short-stories, novellas and she is writing her first novel.

  Prisoner of love

My heart wants exactly what it wants
Beating rapidly is my hearts response
I never want to lose this beautiful feeling
It’s my hopelessly imprisoned love you are stealing
Being shackled to you is something I don’t mind
Another love like this I won’t find
Cuffed together as eternal prisoners
This kind of love needs no weekly visitors
Locked behind our invisible bars
Our words of love carved like permanent scars
The bail to escape this love is denied
You wouldn’t be able to break out even if you tried
We’re caged together like two love birds
Our only conversation is the sound of our sweet words
We don’t need food we can survive off love alone
The next time we will see the daylight to us is unknown
The guards know they can’t break this love up
To get through to our hearts can’t be done with back up
The judge can throw the entire book at us
And I promise you that we won’t make a single fuss
We don’t mind that our love is locked down
Because when we are together our love is always around
There’s no need for fancy expensive lawyers
We’re guilty as charged so command your orders
There is no probation or early release date
I don’t want anyone else as my love mate
I’d rather we stay in our love cell together
With a love like this we can make it through whatever
My heart is jailed and yours is too
There is no other I’d do my time with than you