Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Echoic Poet Blaque Diamond

Please Welcome Echoic Blaque Diamond

 Poet's Bio: 

Bianca Johnson who writes under the pen name Blaque Diamond, is a local Greensboro, NC resident. The author of His or Her Betrayal, she began writing at the age of 11. Her writing consists of poetry, short-stories, novellas and she is writing her first novel.


  I’ll Wait

I’ll wait until you come my way
My true love that was meant for me
When we find each other our love will stay
With each other together for eternity

I’m in no rush to find out what’s out there
Because the one meant for me he will know
That all he needs is right here
Just waiting to tell him so

We will know that it is true love
Because the way we feel will make it clear
It will be blessed from the heavens above
Because god will always be near

Our hearts intertwined together
Will be the center of our life
Love, loyalty and trust forever
You will find in me your wife

We will always make it through
All the stormy nights and rocky roads
Because you love me and I love you
And we know how this love thing goes

Things won’t always be perfect
But we will stand together strong
Because in the end we know our love is worth it
Even when things are going wrong

We will always cherish the love we have
And never let anyone come between
Because we are blessed with what we have
You’re my king and I’m your queen

Our unity, our partnership
Will reign like an empire
This beautiful, wonderful courtship
Will hopefully inspire

I will adore you and you will adore me
Our love radiating through
Loving each other faithfully
As true lovers should do

So I’ll wait patiently for you
Until it’s our turn in due time
For things to fall into place the way they do
Then I will be yours and you will be mine