Sunday, May 7, 2017

Author & Assistant Editor Jen Selinsky

Please Welcome Author & Assistant Editor Jen Selinsky 

Poetry by Jen Selinksy 

I want to go outside during the nice evenings and days.
The colors may always change, but my opinion will remain the same.
Today is one of those fall scenes that I like with red and orange and yellow.
It’s a reminder that nature’s beauty is going to leave soon, but it will be back again in a different form.
Nothing else could make me portray it like this, especially when it appears that summer’s over.
All the beauty distracts us when we want to have it in our lives the most.

Unconditional Love and Encouragement 

    My childhood was a very happy one. I am extremely fortunate to have two parents who love me unconditionally, despite my imperfections and shortcomings. From the young age of four, I was diagnosed as socially and emotionally delayed. Because of that, I had different classes and teachers than of some of my classmates.

     I was very awkward as a child and was ridiculed, primarily, because of my developmental disorders. Some of the other kids often thought of me as strange and made fun of me because of how I acted.

    Even though Mom was a substitute teacher at the time, she decided not to homeschool my older sister and me. In my case, she thought it would be beneficial for me to interact with other children and teachers. Though I seemed to adapt a little at first, there were plenty of times when I let my emotions take over in the classroom, especially during elementary school.

    I remember one incident when I cried in front of the entire 5th grade class because the Halloween candy I’d gotten from the teacher was all soggy. (Some sticky substance must have leaked into the bag, so she gave me another one.) The fact that some of the other kids laughed at me because of my “childish” behavior did not help my self-esteem. It had just given them more ammunition against me.

     Despite my disabilities, I managed to do well in school. The older I got, the better my grades became. By the time I’d graduated college with my master’s degree, I had a 3.75 GPA. Most of the reason for this is because I pushed myself to excel in an area in which I felt most comfortable—academia.

   How does this concern my upbringing? Well, it’s relevant because the fact that my parents, particularly my mother, always managed to support me; it certainly made me feel loved. No matter how much my classmates made fun of me, or how frequently my teachers expressed their concern, I knew that my mother would give me support every day.

 That’s not to say that Mom didn’t worry about me as well; she often told my grandparents, and a few close family friends, about her concerns. She also did her best not to let me know how much she worried because she knew it would be upsetting in turn. My mother reasoned that kind words and gentle motivation would elicit a much more positive result. It is because of her loving actions and words that I learned to motivate and push myself.

  As the years progressed, I realized that I did not have to settle; I knew I could accomplish most anything I wanted to achieve. If not for the love my parents have for me, and vice versa, I probably never would have realized my full potential and become what I am today – a confident person who has grown into all her accomplishments!

Book Blast: Confessional Words & Experiments

"Confessional Words and Experiments" is another volume of confessional works, based on a style similar to that of Anne Sexton. As was the case with some of her other works, Jen wrote this book in a variety of different moods.


My Review: 4 stars

I have reviewed a few of Jen's books already and this is one that I enjoyed a lot. I really like her poetry and find her wordplay to be fun. Her imagery is always so will sketch with just the right words and her descriptive usage of words that portray the emotions of her works are always will felt. This is definitely a work of confessional of moods that the poet feels so deeply and displays so well.

Book Blast Bunny's Song

Book Blurb: 

Mr. Bunny has an idea. He wants to write a song. But what will he write about? Follow Bunny as he talks to his friends in the forest and soon discovers he has the perfect lyrics to a song. Bunny’s Song by Jen Selinsky: Illustrated by Zsa-Zsa Venter.