Monday, April 3, 2017

Reflection Point Adam Elias Zain

Book Blurb:
 Reflection Point: A collection of thoughts and poems based on true stories (and lies)
Modern twenty-first century poetry.

From the playful and whimsical to the deep and thought-provoking, Reflection Point is the perfect accompaniment to a little me-time. The collection, which is more than a decade in the making, encompasses a diverse array of elements making it suitable for young and old.

There is a fine line between the optimistic pessimist and the pessimistic optimist. Adam Elias Zain does not help one little bit in drawing or defining a distinction between the two, merely creating an interesting curiosity within the reader to have a seat in the company of the writer's vivid thoughts. There is absolutely no promise that the poems will change your world or the way you think. Or will they?

Reflection Point contains adult language.

My Review: 5 STARS

This poetry book is full of everything from hilarious poems to sad and driven words of the poet that reflects onto his life. I found myself living through his poems and laughing hard at times with his wise crack ways of rhyme and metaphors. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a joyful but real look at someone else reflection on life.