Friday, April 7, 2017

Poetry by Poet Jen Selinsky

Twitter @classicalrock

New Moon

Has it come too soon,
All in a hesitation of a date?
I was not late, only I wished
To be held back from the
Burdens of old age.
Devouring candy and ice cream,
While watching my television shows.
I never thought thirty would
Come to me so soon, phasing me out,
Like the sun's rays blocked
From a new moon.

Pulling out hair, I started that at an
Early age when, my poor body
Would soon be subjected to rage
And inherit its hot temperament
That would put an end to
Icy winter's threat.
Sitting in a car,
Trying to cool my
Thoughts down
From the raging panic
That tried to make me less a woman
Than I was supposed to become.

Fragile bones.
I hope that I've none about
Which to speak!
My bladder has yet to leak,
And I have not shrunk down
To half the size of a carpet hair,
But how can this be fair
If I only have to look forward
To my decline?
Time catching up, hot on my heels,
And showing no
Mercy to let go
I will be one of them soon.

Given me feeling lucky
That I was not forced
Into a hospital bed—
Given the sad
State of the world
Run by endless maggots,
Some not knowing how
They truly felt before
Being sucked into the void.