Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Poet Sean H. Sanchez

Thank You Sean H. Sanchez!

 This book of compiled poems (wannabe song lyrics) and straight poetry has nothing to do with my personal life or struggle, ah wait… struggle? Yes, it has to do with some of my struggle, particularly with the number 4 or the fourth. I’m writing my fourth novel and I’m having trouble finishing it; all of it, I believed was due to my no. 4 curse (I won’t elaborate, but I had a lot of misfortunes with the number, No. 4). But luckily, I have a restless mind who doesn’t cease from creating stuffs, like poems and song lyrics; I had amassed loads of it, and I believed I can hit two birds with one stone on this: First, I published a poetry book and surpass my Fourth book curse dilemma (but who’s counting, most probably only me); secondly, I get to entertain and amuse readers with my thoughts and eccentricities.

I hope you enjoy, cry, and get crazy mad at this book.

Thorny Crown

All your songs are poetry
Mask in a sad melody
You sang about the end of times
And you say you’re happy to face the ONE

I try to sing a melody
But it only brings sorrow and melancholy
You seem to have everything
And yet I can’t see that you’re happy

I can’t understand
What’s happening to your head & mind
That you want to climb heaven
With a blade in your hand


‘This life is a thorny crown’, you said

‘Disgustingly living with rats and cowards alike’

I never chose to be here

I guess; I can choose to leave anytime’

…I guess; I can choose to leave anytime

You feign smile
Joke about morbid stuff and dying
You’re not even sad about demise
Just plain glad that it will be over and done

Is it right?
That you should check-out this time
Since everybody is fighting demons inside
Running from them I try to understand

I still can’t accept
That you think this life is a thorny crown
That it should cease to exist
And be buried in the ground


… It’s a thorny crown

… I never chose to be here

…I guess, I can choose to leave anytime

Q1.Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

             I was a Corporate Marketing Manager, and one of the key people responsible for making a hotel in the Philippines into becoming the most popular and the number one chain of hotels in the country, before I started writing. I didn’t know that I have it in me, but I always been creative, since my work was involved in Adverting & Promotion. I get tired of Corporate Office and one day instinctively writes some 30 poems and lyrics in 3 days. I took one of the song lyrics and made it into a story, hence: the novel “Melodies of a Tattered Shadow’ was born.

Q2. Why is poetry important?

            For some, it might be a way to survive and help struggle with everyday pains that we’re continuously confronting; for me, it’s just it, I have to write what’s coming out of my head. Maybe it helps to maintain my sanity also.

Q3. How does a poem begin for you, with an idea, a form or an image?

            I actually called it as ‘Mind Leakages’; it occurs always on uncalled hours, like when I’m about to sleep or writing something else. I primarily like to write novels, but during writing one, a line or two will come-out of my head, and I’ll take note of it, then another line or two will emerge again and I’ll take note of it again, sometimes it irritatingly happens several times. The following day, I’ll look at each and every line and compose it like a jigsaw puzzle, by the end of the day I’ll probably have composed 3 to 5 poems (song lyrics wannabe). And then, I resume writing my novel.

Q4. Where is your favorite place to write and why?

            I have a work table in my bedroom, with a PC (with two monitors). I write whenever I can, but getting distracted by your family or everyday reality in life is nuisance we can’t avoid. I wish, I already have the financial capability where I can choose to be in a secluded place to write, I always dreamt of solitude.

Q5. What is the relationship between your speaking voice and your written voice?

            English is actually my second language, but I write mostly in it, writing in my native tongue is a pain. Filipino is spoken at home and I sometimes struggle with speaking in English, because I have no one to talk too in English every day; but I was pretty good at it when I’m still working in the Corporate Office, with just a tinge of Filipino accent.

Q6. What are your thoughts about social media and poetry? Do you think it helps the poet or hinders the poet? 

            Social Media could be of help, especially with promotion; the problem with attending with social media or anything else, is getting distracted by it. I surely hope that someday someone else would do the promotion for me, and I’ll just concentrate on writing, be it poems or novels.
Q7. What is the best advice you have for other poets?

            This one I don’t know. Some write from their pains; some, like me, writes because of creativity. I guess, find the tools that works for you.  

Q8. What do you see in the future for poets, do you believe that poetry will regain its strength over time?

            I didn’t know that it needs re-strengthening. Poems like songs, caters to different audience, there will always be an audience who love poems, and there will be people who had no idea what poem is.

Q9. Why did you start blogging?

            I want to start blogging, but I don’t have a great talent with time management when it comes to creative endeavors. My mind just wants to write novels, poems and lyrics; I highly doubt it I have the wits to write a blog.

Q10. Who is your favorite poet? And why? 

            I want to say Edgar Allan Poe, but it’s too predictable, although I really like his poems. I would say John Lennon writing is incredible, many of the Beatles songs are incredible poetry and who can’t forget the artistry of the lyrics IMAGINE.

Q11. What, if any, groups or organizations are you a member of? 

            Does any of the Facebook groups, counts? I have plenty on it.