Thursday, April 6, 2017

Book Review: My Myths

The Shelves

Harry refused to listen.
Eventually, he had his ears removed.
He hung shelves where his ears used to be.
His wife wanted to put curios from Hawaii on the shelves,
a hula girl, a ukulele boy.
But, Harry never heard her request.
He placed a saltshaker on one side of his head and a peppermill on the other.
By nightfall Harry had forgotten the shelves.
At dinner he demanded seasoning for his meat.
His wife pointed to the shelves.
Not understanding her gesture, he pounded the table with his fists, until the salt crashed to the floor.
Harry grabbed his wife in a fury and shouted,
“Now look what you’ve done!”

My Review:5*
Kelle’s written voice falls across the pages of her book, My Myths, with such ease and elegancy. Her poetic tone brings to focus just how silly, straight heart a poet can be. She writes one poem with such elegant words of description then you turn the page and will soon encounter her ease and wittiness of character and imagery. I found myself gasping for air and reaching for the arm of my chair at moments when I thought my world would spin out of control with such beauty described on the page then I would find myself laughing and taking the book to my kids to read a poem. Kelle’s work was an amazing read and a book I will forever treasure.