Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Phase one, in the beginning, a new change upon me,
I was scared, didn’t know what to expect,
I was unsure what I would find,
Deep within my soul,

Would all I find was anger!
Would all I find was loneliness!
Would all I find was a corrupt mind!

Phase two, half way through, a second change upon me,
As I learn to sketch my life, the thin shaking lines, of insecurities,
Still unsure, what was happening to me,
As I see the outline grow darker and I can see my life more in detailed,

Why do I feel so much free!
Why do I feel as if I am reborn!
Why do I feel as if I have won the war!

Phase three, almost completed, the canvas of my heart,
Not scare, just content, no longer unsure, just happy
I am painting my life upon my canvased heart,
The one that was broken, battered and bruised,

I feel so alive!
I feel so loved!
I feel so new!

For I have surrendered to the light,
Of Emotional Freedom! 

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