Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Poet Kimberly Duboise

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? 

About four years ago I started having the desire to write poetry and to publish it.

What would you say is your writing quirk? 
I like to write on paper first, by hand, with pencil. A very sharp pencil!

When not writing, what do you like to do?
I like to travel, cook, read, and walk.

What books have you written?
I have self-published two poetry books,  Sing to me of Words and Echoes of Moonlight. I have a short ebook titled A Woman’s Faith out as well. In addition I am co-author in a series called 365 Life Shifts and 365 Moments of Grace.

Any suggestions for writing? 
No, just keep writing from the heart!

What prompted you to write poetry? 
I like poetry for its emotional depth and scope, for the feeling I get when I read and write poetry. Poems have been my way to express my deepest emotions, to clarify my thoughts, as well as to come to terms with my feelings, to honor them.

What kind of blogger are you? 
I am a poetry blogger and my poems are designed to inspire, encourage, cause you to ponder. I want to lift others up by my words.
Why is poetry important? 
I think poetry is important because it gives voice to the human experience and resonates with our truest self. It is art, it is life, it is an expression of creativity and deep thought.

How does a poem begin for you? 
For me a poem begins with an idea, a feeling.

Where is your favorite place to write? Why? 
My favorite place to write is at home on my couch, actually. Surrounded by silence and my pen or pencil, books and paper. It is there I can let go of tension and open myself up to the peacefulness, openness and courage that brings forth my best writing!

Quietly Watching

With eyes that see to the heart,
with a gaze that leads to understanding,
you look upon us in love.
You tenderly minister to our soul’s
Indefinable longing-
you rest your wings upon our sighs!
Before first light, when the warm rays of dawn
shine over me, you stir the thoughts of love
that beat within my heart.
and I know it is you
calling me awake,
calling me to love.

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A Woman’s Faith

My Review:5 STARS
Kimberly’s talent is sweet and so real. I have become a huge fan of her work since meeting her. In fact I read this book twice since she gave it to me. I adore her wordplay and how free the words fall. Her rhyme scheme and rhythm bounces around which makes her poems flow with ease and fun to read. I highly recommend this book to any poetry lover who wants a smooth pace poetry book to read over the weekend. 
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