Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fear of Failure by Poetic Daisy

Fear of Failure

You have so much potential if you’d just spread your wings.
You have the potential to do so many things
But you sit and mope because you failed.
Heroes don’t always prevail
And sometimes in their failure is a veiled,
It may look like a mess
But sometimes to progress
You must fail and then assess
How to fix it.

You have so much potential but you sit with fear of trying
All the material you could be providing
The world.
You sit curled
In the spot with the most ease
When inside you is the potential to cure disease,
Or the potential to use your expertise
For good.
But you’re from the hood
So you think no one could
Respect you,
You’d think failure would wreck you
But I say try, it’ll perfect you,
It’ll correct you
When wrong
Make you strong
And eventually you’ll see where you belong.
The journey is lifelong
But first you must realize
That you must rise
To the occasion, you must devise
A plan.
And you’ll be filled with surprise
When you see what you can
Do when you tap into your potential.