Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New Release!!

Poetry the sweet sounds of its words, the imagery, the rhyme, the rhythm, the poet itself all blends into harmony of the universe. Poetry is an art form on which opens the mind of the poet and reader with a strong connection to what is. I try to manipulate my reader into feeling what is and what I am drawing. If I accomplish this then my job is done and I move onto my next drawing of words. Each word I use must represent the what is, the how is and the objective of. To be the poet, one must be the poem to be able to connect with their readers, if one cannot be the poet nor the poem, then it’s not poetry. When I write or read poetry, I must be able to feel some type of explosion in my veins, like what I would imagine a bullet would feel like, then I know it’s good. When I don’t feel this explosion, then it must not be, at least not poetry. Poetry is all just a formation of art made from words that trickle down from the poet’s mind to create a masterpiece of emotions.

A Poet of Many Words
Frustration boils when pen and paper don't meet
Anger settles in the veins Darkness fills the soul
Why? Why? Why?
Do they not see I need just pen and paper to please me, nothing more
Just fancy words entwine my soul
Kneeling at the altar
Busting my world into pieces as the sweet sounds Of rhythm and rhyme
Oh hell, I am just a poet of many words! 

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