Monday, May 22, 2017

The Long Night of Pleasure by Mr. Glenn


Blurb: There are whole worlds that exist, and infinities that are placed inside the seconds we take for granted. And for those that have found the one that they cannot live without, those moments are filled with the truths of their longing and the desperation of their desires. The Long Night of Pleasure is the latest book by romance writer Paul Glenn that perfectly blends poetry and prose with romance and erotica.  

Review: Sensual poetry packed with great talent! I have read other works by Mr. Glenn and I have enjoyed them all. This book of poetry shows a true romantic and sensual side of his work. His taste for romance, love and sex are present in each poem with unbelievable imagery and rhythm. His work is one that I would recommend anyone looking for honest, true romantic and erotic poetry to read, Within this book of poetry, Mr. Glenn tossed a hot, steamy erotic short story in the middle of the book, this to me really helped pick up the pace of the book in which the reader can truly enjoy.

The cover of Mr. Glenn's book is just beautiful. His cover model, CK Stephanie has that aurora to her eyes that draws the reader to his work. CK Stephanie is just beautiful and welcomes you to the world of Mr. Glenn's poetry. The color scheme is just gorgeous around her face with a mystery touch behind it.