Thursday, May 11, 2017

Echoic Poet Phyllis Morneau


This poem is actually about my dear husband, Rich,
For he is such a kind and loving Dad to his family;
Always ready to help and give wisdom as needed,
With a strong faith and trust in God as his legacy.

We first met in 1971 at my cousin's wedding,
He is my Prince Charming and handsome Romeo;
He was on leave from serving in the War in Vietnam,
An airman in the Air Force, and to me, a brave hero.

His grandfather served in WWI and his father in WWII,
My husband not only served in the War in Vietnam, proudly;
But also joined the Air National Guard in the early 1990's,
Eventually serving in the War in Iraq for 1 year, bravely.

I remember him getting up early on Saturday mornings,
Taking our oldest sons to hockey games, watching them play;
Then patiently taking time for a needed father/daughter talk,
And also enjoying a movie with our youngest at end of day.

He truly is a wonderful Father -- loving, patient, and kind,
But he is also a wonderful Pep to our grandchildren, too;
Playing with our grandsons, helping them build lego sets,
Watching our granddaughters, delighting in all that they do.

He has such a great sense of humor and a quick wit,
And also so tender and caring as Patriarch of his family;
A soldier always ready to protect our country's freedom,
I am so proud of him for his amazing love and bravery.