Monday, May 22, 2017

Echoic Poet: Erato Poetry

Please Welcome Echoic Poet Erato Poetry

Poet's Bio:

Erato Poetry is the vehicle for expressive word art, collage and music! The more obscure, angular, lyrical and emotive the better.

The petal drops onto my nose as the cigarette enters its palliative stages
The fire pot has a plank suspending an empty packet of hope and forlorn memories
A spider drops from a brick wall, suspended above a trajectory of carbon ponders
Its wings spanning like a disturbed child’s hands in sleep
No-one knew him better than I did and I didn’t even know his name
The woman across the road plays games with an automatic door as the bus boy riddles with ideology
The fire is out in most of us he sang, while no one listened
The hair curled cigarette smoke flumes into an open car window
Its rear vision mirror turned forward, a change of pace and tact
She just looked and smiled and inhaled my smoke and said
We are the blessed young lad and flung me an antihistamine
The petals were not even petals but ash from a burning floor
I touched the tumour on my forehead, a soft shake of the head, presuming the woman was right
The woman across the road is embracing the bus boy in a passionate meeting of the minds
Tears pool at the base of my feet, petals sinking in the puddles
I’m always the butt of the joke