Monday, May 15, 2017

Echoic Poet: Erato Poetry

Please Welcome Echoic Poet Erato Poetry

Poet's Bio:

Erato Poetry is the vehicle for expressive word art, collage and music! The more obscure, angular, lyrical and emotive the better.


A coliseum of fragiles
celebrating eagles as they mourn stronger deities
here we play for the ones we left behind
here we spread our souls like butter
as jet exhaust spells my name
as the eagles chased away skippered kicking voters
my communion offered no bread, but
softer wine, and spiritless collectives
Neptune enthusiasts and stadium chair installers
free rivets and empty cologne canisters
stack tenured beautiful women with dreams
where is it you want to be when you are done?
I am never in the place where I need to be
as warriors take their orders
I dust my fist with the ashes of Cobain
I chalk my weary hands with the weight of Winehouse soul
I opened up to the malcontents’ side
we are communicating better in numbers
many things are always happening at once.