Monday, May 8, 2017

Echoic Poet Erato Poetry

Please Welcome Echoic Poet Erato Poetry

Poet's Bio:

Erato Poetry is the vehicle for expressive word art, collage and music! The more obscure, angular, lyrical and emotive the better.

The time I created a monster

was the week that bought the incredulous excitement

invested in the wrong people

ignored consent

no longer saw the best in those that gave the most

sought clarity in the darker challenges

opened up crevices that gleaned possibility

love was merely a tennis score

and hate a breakfast cereal

The Book of Revelation became plural

as the pages turned to paper aeroplanes

or a depository for gum

my father, he fought at war

was no longer a hero

and my art became a priority that could cure the weakest of human condition

I sat on the sidewalk

heels in the gutter

and gave a story to a child in a pram


Never follow what you are led to believe

Young Monster