Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Echoic Poet Blaque Diamond

Please Welcome Echoic Blaque Diamond

 Poet's Bio: 

Bianca Johnson who writes under the pen name Blaque Diamond, is a local Greensboro, NC resident. The author of His or Her Betrayal, she began writing at the age of 11. Her writing consists of poetry, short-stories, novellas and she is writing her first novel.

 Nice to Meet You

Our hands brush as we walk by each other
My heart begins to flutter
For this stranger I don’t know why
I just feel the urge to cry
Have I met you somewhere before?
Maybe you opened my door
You turn back to gaze at me puzzled
Your expression befuddled
The smile you give is confused but curious
I am starting to think that maybe I am delirious
I ask your name
And to my surprise it’s the same
As someone I used to know
We sit down to chat
And imagine that
We like most of the same things
My ears start to ring
Again I ask you if you’re sure
That we have never met before
And you say to me
In another lifetime maybe?
This person I used to know
I loved him so
We could talk about anything
We did everything
We shared so much
Our hopes
Our dreams
Our trust
You don’t look like him
But you remind me so much of him
In a strange way
Maybe you are a reincarnation
Or maybe just my imagination
Am I crazy?
Or just maybe
You are my lost love
Sent to me from above
There is just this indescribable connection
This heart pounding affection
This feeling I feel is true
For some strange reason I think I love you
Nice to meet you