Monday, May 8, 2017

Echoic Blaque Diamond

Please Welcome Echoic Blaque Diamond

 Poet's Bio: 

Bianca Johnson who writes under the pen name Blaque Diamond, is a local Greensboro, NC resident. The author of His or Her Betrayal, she began writing at the age of 11. Her writing consists of poetry, short-stories, novellas and she is writing her first novel.

Final Farewell

My final goodbye to you
Is breaking my heart in two
Although I’ll miss you so
In my heart I know

That you are flying high
To your new home in the sky
These tears of lost won’t last forever
Although we are no longer together

You will always be a part of me
That special part of my heart you will be
As I lay your still form to rest
The memories I have are only the best

Loving and wishing you could come back
But of course these things don’t work like that
 Someone with so much life left so soon
With so many things we were so in-tune

I didn’t foresee ever losing you
But god had his plans, he knew
Life with you brought me so much joy
Your earthly departure cannot destroy

All of my greatest and happiest recollections
Will remain hidden away in my secret collections
Of memories I will cherish for all of my days
I miss you so much in so many ways

Your duties on this earth are now done
But your duties in heaven have just begun
We shall meet again one day
And I will turn to you and say

I missed you down there on earth
But god needed you because he saw your worth
So I’ll wipe my tears away
But my love for you will always stay

Deep inside my heart
We will never truly be apart
Because you will always be near
Whenever I need you here

I can look to the sky and know
That single star with its bright glow
Will be you watching over me
Sending your love down to me so heavenly

This is goodbye for now
Until I make my final bow
So save a place for me
So we can be together again for eternity

Forever Angel

You are no longer here with me
But in my heart you will always be
My love for you will never change
Even though my memories are all that remain

The times we spent together
Will last in my thoughts forever
I miss you each and every day
But I know you are in a better place

Your memory will never die
Even as the months and years go by
It hurts sometimes when I think of you
Because I think of all the things we used to do

It brings tears to my eyes
And I have to question why
Did you have to leave so soon?
When so many people were loving you

I know it’s god’s plan
But sometimes I just don’t understand
Why my heart aches so much
And I yearn for your gentle touch

You are now resting in peace
Your pain on earth has ceased
Gone but not forgotten you are
Because you will always live in my heart

Even though I wish you could’ve stayed
I would not have wanted your suffering delayed
So go now and embark on your new journey
As you enter the gates, oh so pearly

I trust that we will meet again
So we can continue where we left off when
God called home his oh so faithful
Heaven just welcomed a forever angel