Monday, April 3, 2017

Cover Model Stephanie CK

Thank You Stephanie CK

Instagram @Ckstephanie72

Q1. Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I am a clinical psychologist, an English teacher and a model. I speak 4 languages and I am studying Theology and in my spare time I write a little and I love to take pictures of everything. I also work with people that need spiritual direction. I am called to serve!

Q2. What does “being creative” mean to you?

It means breaking routine and doing something new to inspire people. It means challenging myself every single day. I like to touch hearts with my creativity, it can be through pictures, poems, quotes, or stories.

Q3. What are your greatest sources of inspiration?

A lot! I mean I get inspiration, from the sky, from a person, from a pet, everything in the entire world is a source of inspiration. The world is full of beauty, so the world is full of inspiration. And love is the most inspiring resource, if you love life the way I do, you find every single detail inspiring.

Q4. Do you have any current or future projects?

I am planning to write a little more and to start working in some projects that involve photography.

Q5. What was it like to be a cover model for Starlight?

It was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my modeling career, it is an honor to be chosen by a talented author and that means he believes in me, the way I believe in him. He taught me we can fulfill our dreams and that team work is very important. I like that I can help the author with his projects. 

Q6. Tell me a little about meeting the poet of Starlight and how were you chosen for his cover? 

Writing reunited me with Mr. Glenn, we shared a lot about poetry and when he found out I am a model he asked me if I would like to be on his cover. When he looked at the picture he said that it perfectly reflects the book and what it is about. So I accepted cause I think it is the best poetry book ever.

Q7.  Name three things that you liked about working with Poet Paul Glenn 

Working with Mr. Paul Glenn is a wonderful experience. He is an amazing human being that touches hearts with his words. I like the way he thinks and how he expresses his feelings and thoughts. He motivates everyone to be a better person every day and he helps people to fulfill their dreams.
Q8. Do you write? And if so, what genre and do you plan or have any books published? 

I do write. I like to write poetry and some short stories. I don´t have any published books and maybe in the future I will publish some of my writing.