Friday, April 21, 2017

Book Review: Todd Erick Pedersen Sophia: The Heart of Holy Wisdom

As with the subtle starlight of the soul, Sophia: The Heart of Holy Wisdom is above all an uncovering of the sacred wisdom of the divine, as it is pervasively present everywhere within our world. Thus, here in this collection of original poetry in prose are themes such as the sublimity of nature, along with the weaving together of this world and the otherworld, and so the convergence of a genuine spirituality with our daily living, as an evocation of what it means to discover at last a home beneath the stars.

My Review: 4 ****
Todd's words are full of wisdom, evocative and a true connection to the spiritual side. I found his writing to be very poetic with use of metaphors and similes that help bring imagery and focus back to the emotions behind the poems and prose. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a lighthearted read with a strong poetic touch.

Author Bio:
Todd Erick Pedersen is a poet-essayist whose writings strive to evoke the cross-section between our dreams and the spirit, with a natural sense of wonder and the turning seasons of the Earth. As such his poems and his essays are an invitation to any reader, to explore this timeless terrain for oneself. After several years spent living in various areas of the mountain west, particularly in Montana and Idaho, his current home is in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley, in Stevensville, Montana.