Friday, April 21, 2017

Book Review: Sanjeev Kumar The Power of Present Moment

A true presence is beyond thoughts, words, and actions. Accept this moment fully and look inside. There is stillness that speaks within at the center of being, where you are beyond all experiences. There is no good or bad, positive or negative, but you are just as you really are. Everything is dissolved, and you become one with everything. In Practicing the Power of Present Moment, Sanjeev Kumar explores and understands how we can witness and observe our thoughts in order to look within and find a deep connection with the Universe. Through Mindfulness Practice, we embrace the Power of Now which can free us from anger, fear, and stress. It brings divine peace, inner joy, and happiness which can help us to build a positive relationship, prosperity, and well-being.

My Review: 5 *****
As a strong believer of meditation and being present in the moment, this book was a must read for anyone wanting to learn more about the practice. Sanjeev depicts his words carefully and uses them at the right moment to teach just how important it is to be in the moment, to react less, and to have peace, gratitude and happiness in your life.

Author Bio:
SANJEEV KUMAR is a Mystic and Mindfulness Practitioner. He believes that if you are honest, truthful, and create a huge trust within yourself, then existence takes care of you no matter what happens. Existence is ready to bring abundance and possibilities into our life but we are trapped by our ego, which holds us back. His journey from near-death experience and nervous breakdown to immense joy and celebration of each moment transformed his life.