Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Book Review: CURSED CUATRO – an Odd Mind’s Collection of Songs & Poetries

This book of compiled poems (wannabe song lyrics) and straight poetry has nothing to do with my personal life or struggle, ah wait… struggle? Yes, it has to do with some of my struggle, particularly with the number 4 or the fourth. I’m writing my fourth novel and I’m having trouble finishing it; all of it, I believed was due to my no. 4 curse (I won’t elaborate, but I had a lot of misfortunes with the number, No. 4). But luckily, I have a restless mind who doesn’t cease from creating stuffs, like poems and song lyrics; I had amassed loads of it, and I believed I can hit two birds with one stone on this: First, I published a poetry book and surpass my Fourth book curse dilemma (but who’s counting, most probably only me); secondly, I get to entertain and amuse readers with my thoughts and eccentricities.

I hope you enjoy, cry, and get crazy mad at this book.

My Review: 4*
In reading Sean's collection of songs and poetries, the reality of pain of sadness and loss is surreal and an understatement in his writings. With each passing poem Sean, writes with descriptive words that throw the pain right into the reader's heart and soul. So dark, but also so filled with the want of a true love that only exists in fairy tales. I enjoyed reading this book of songs and poems, some will linger with me for a long time afterwards of putting the book down.