Sunday, March 5, 2017

Poet Jen Selinsky

Blessed Are They

Blessed are they who know how to
Turn it on, and blessed are they
Who know when to make it stop.
Shut up in a pen, like some kind of a
Four-legged beast, with only bugs
And dry meal on which to feast.

The cock looks up at the sky
And knows just how loud to crow
To get it to rain just a little,
Enough to save the crops.

And blessed are they who know
That words only have meaning
If they are not said through the
Eyes and painted red lips of whores,
Who have finished their supper
With a look of innocence
And a bemused twinkle in their eye.

They wonder why it has all come
To an end so soon.

Oh, blessed are they who have
Given their rights to die
For freedoms that have yet
To exist for those who have
Not even begun to get their start
Growing in the womb.

Young bodies stained with
Amniotic fluid as they
Exit one world only to
Enter harsh reality headfirst.

Blessed are they who like to
Sing in the elevator
Their favorite words
To songs that are at least
Twenty years old,
For those words
Will be remembered far longer
Than anything that is said today.

Blessed are they who are not
Afraid to do what feels most
Comfortable with their bodies.
If no others words hold a
Strong influence,
Enough to make them want to
Dance nude or refrain
From keeping
On their clothes,
No matter what the weather may
Feel like outside.

And blessed are
They who are afraid
To admit that they are wrong
Because their very existence
May hinge upon one thing
That has yet to
Determine their fate
Or what they are doing there,
In a golden moment
Of circumstance,

With their legs standing up
And eyes closed.
Oblivious to what is all around
 So blessed are they.

A little info on Jen and where you can find her:
"Jen Selinsky was born in Pittsburgh, PA.  In 2003, she earned her bachelor's degree in English from Clarion University of Pennsylvania.  In 2004, she earned her master's degree in library science from the same school.  Jen has worked as a professional librarian for over eleven years.  She has published more than 160 books, many of which contain poetry.  Her work can be found on the following sites: Lulu, Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.  She has also been featured in publications such as: The Courier Journal, Explorer Magazine, Liphar Magazine, and Indiana Libraries.  Jen lives in Sellersburg, IN with her husband. Like Jen on Facebook at:"
(Author Bio from Amazon)