Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Poet Hayley Timmons

What was your favorite book you read last year?
Honestly, I haven't done much reading in the last year because I was working on my novel. However, Some of my favorite fiction books are Quarantine and Cut. When it comes to poetry I enjoy the works of other authors who have something to say. I believe in the power of using your voice to bring awareness to social stigmas and if your writing reflects that then I am more then happy to read it. I especially enjoy books that bring awareness to mental illness and suicide because I believe these topics are rarely discussed.

What's the hardest poem you've ever written?
I don't believe any one particular poem was harder to write than the other, but I have a couple of poems about my struggle with self-harm and suicidal thoughts. The poems, "Weeping Willow" "The Girl I Used To Know" and "The Girl" are the hardest poem I have ever had to share with someone. They speak to me on so many levels because they're about the battle I face every day with myself. To me, sharing those three poems is a side of vulnerability that I did not want to show. It was something that I have always been told to keep to myself and not tell anyone else because they will think you want attention or are crazy.

What is your favorite poet & why?
I love the works of Edgar Allan Poe. His works seem to be a bit dark and I like that. They say that Poe was an un-diagnosed bipolar and I am bipolar so I feel that there is some sort of connection there.

What have you learned from writing poetry?Many life lessons can be learned from a pen and a piece of paper and one of those is how to keep your imagination alive and not let the outside world affect your view. I live in a world where everything is either black and white. People tend to not see the blues or purples of the world. They focus on what is or what is not and not what could be. Poetry has taught me to keep my eyes open and to see the world in more views than just one, to see the rainbow in a black and white world.

If you could have a dinner with any three celebrities who would you pick and why?
I would pick Edgar Allan Poe, I would love to just sit him down and pick his brain on his method and inspiration for writing poetry. This is a really tough question as I do not keep an eye on celebrities. This is going to sound really strange but I loved the work of Dr. Seuss. It was just fun reading the rhyming text books of this children's author. I have written a couple of children's books myself and would love to sit down and have his opinion on them. Robert Frost would be the third because growing up I really admired his work and the imagery that lived within his words.
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Today the Angels Descended
Mommy can you hear me?
What did I do so wrong?
Can you see the blood I bleed?
Or How I'm not that strong?

Does my voice sound distant?
Did you forget just where you are?
Mama I know I'm not an infant
But I still love you with all my heart

The bruises are starting to blacken
And the teachers are asking me why
I lied about how it happened
Said I was tripped up by some guy

But mama I don’t want to lie
Why do you hurt me so?
Why is it that you’re always high?
I just wish that I could know

Mama I think you’re killing me
There’s blood now on your hands
It’s getting really hard to breath
Was this your final plan?

Mama I am scared please stop
I swear that I’ll be good
I won’t cry not one teardrop
If you just treat me like you should

Everything's quiet and I can't see
Mama what have you done?
Why is it that you hated me?
When I was your only son

Mama my wings are so pearly white
And my body and soul has been mended
And I will be sleeping with God tonight
For today the angel's descended

Book: On The Edge
My Review:
My heart ached and tears brimmed my eyes on several of Hayley’s poems while I read this book. Hayley has such a descriptive rhyming voice when she writes, where you can actually here the cries of help throughout the pages. I am so thrilled and happy to have connected with Hayley on Twitter and helped her publish this book, especially since it was her first book and I helped her achieve her dream. I will definitely be a fan of her poetry for a long time, just because she writes from the heart with such ease but at the same time, you can feel her pain greatly that she feels with each objective she writes. Her rhyme scheme is something I wish I could learn for she has that talent will mastered.

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