Friday, January 20, 2017

Book Review: Time For Me by Ruth Fishel

Book Review- Time For Me by Ruth Fishel
How often have you read a book that was life changing?  You know that if you practice what it suggests your life will be better, yet somehow you forget. You forget to meditate in the morning. You forget that three breaths calm you down. You forget all the lessons you learned.

Time for Me is different because it contains wisdom that really works. We have the ability to rewire and create new neural circuits in our brains, and the more we practice something new, the more we can form new neural pathways with each repetition.  In time, these new pathways become deeper than the ones made by our old habits and they become automatic. That means, if we were to practice all this week thoughts such as 'I am happy' or 'I am calm', we would be more apt to return to them when we feel otherwise.

The seeds of all human characteristics are within us—good and bad—the ones that grow are the ones we nurture, and that is why the wisdom in Time for Me is designed to be practiced every day. 

My Review:
 Helpful and insightful little read by Ruth! I enjoyed the time I spent working slowly through this book and would recommend it for anyone to read that needs a moment for them myself to rebuild their character. Thank you for letting me read this book!

My Rating:
5 stars